DR650 Torque Limiter


Torque Limiter

We no longer stock these parts. Contact a Suzuki dealer
You need the following part numbers:
1 #12600-12D01 torque limiter
2 #12618-31D01 bushings
2 #08211-10221 thrust washers
1 #11483-32E00 magneto cover gasket

DR650 update on the 650 grenade issue. 1998 and early '99 were equipped with a solid idler gear that created a problem when the engine kicked back during shutdown, breaking out the gear bearing bosses. This also breaks out and destroys the left case half due to its ridged design. The case halves always come in matched pairs and cost in excess of $650.00 not to mention labor charges to change all internal parts into new cases. This should not be taken lightly. '96 and '97 had the torque limiter gear that is designed to slip due to a preloaded slip clutch arrangement. Well they went back to this design in mid '99 after vin # X2100561 so if your Vin # predates this you should consider installing this updated item shown above.