DR650 Product List


Torque Limiter: To prevent starter gear train damage.
We no longer stock these parts. Contact a Suzuki dealer
 You need the following part numbers:
 1 #12600-12D01 torque limiter
 2 #12618-31D01 bushings
 2 #08211-10221 thrust washers
  1 #11483-32E00 magneto cover gasket

Conversion and standard sprocket kits

We stock hard to find steel rear sprockets in size 520 & 525.
(See page pricing.)

Front springs


CLEARANCE--.55 kg/mm -- $60.00 per set

Chain Rollers

$8.00 each—Clearance price


DR650 carb. bowl screws


Hand Choke Conversion



UNI air filter
CLEARANCE ($14.00)